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Paris And Bourbon County

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Images of America: Paris and Bourbon County takes readers back in time to the days when the horseless carriage was still a glimmer in Henry Ford's eye and the term horsepower meant just that. Those, too, were the days in Bourbon County, the birthplace of bourbon whiskey, when distilleries dotted the map, and saloons almost outnumbered churches. Nestled in the heart of the famed Bluegrass region of Kentucky, Paris and Bourbon are known for their beauty and charm. The communities featured in this volume revel in their rich traditions but also delight in their survival through changing times. A variety of vintage images of long-forgotten treasures are included in this book. Some of the rare snapshots show the Interurban, which ran between Paris and Lexington; the Paris Opera House; early stores; church buildings and church groups; as well as many early schools. While time has changed many of the physical sites pictured in this volume, some-like the Cane Ridge Meeting House and the Bourbon County Courthouse-live on. Also showcased are the many people who contributed to the unique character of Bourbon County and its towns and hamlets, including renowned author John Fox Jr., Confederate soldiers, African-American church deacons, and lots of "everyday folks."