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We've moved our production location! Thank you for your patience, as some of our production times are running a bit long for the time being.

Hildi Stitched Collar

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Hand Crafted in our shop from our specially tanned Q-Tan Bridle Leather - the same leather that goes into our Sales Halters.

Natural color leather with a tallow finish goes into our robust doubled ply collar. Add a brass name plate with one or two lines to match the solid brass hardware. 

12, 14 and 16 inch collars in 5/8 inch strap

18, 20 and 22 inch collar in 7/8 inch strap


MEASURE your pets neck NOT THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE COLLAR, and order that size. Puppies order by their neck size and add One to Two inches for them to grow into the collar - NOT outgrow it. 


Whilst we can warrant for workmanship and material, on our pet collars - we cannot guarantee that the baked in enamel on the name plate will hold up to scratching, environmental extremes or other day to day pet activity. To replace ink at home - the following should be helpful. Clean plate with paint thinner / nail paint remover, let dry. Re ink with any black model paint from a hobby store or Walmart. Use a Q-Tip as a dauber and wipe of excess with a folded paper towel in a squeegee motion. Allow the paint to dry and buff plate with soft rag to remove any excess paint.